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Compounding Products - Health & Beauty Products

Some commonly requested products appear on our website. We compound a large range of preparations and medications to order. We also carry a large range of pharmacy lines including beauty and skincare products, vitamins and supplements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and product prices.

Non prescription Preparations
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  Zinc Sulphate 500ml
Can be used as a test to ascertain if zinc levels are sufficient and also as a zinc supplement to ensure zinc is maintained at a healthy level. To test zinc levels, hold 10ml of the liquid in the mouth for ten seconds. One of four taste responses will occur - 1. No specific taste; 2. No immediate taste but then a "dry mineral", "furry" or "sweet" taste; 3. An immediate and definite taste (not unpleasant) that intensifies; 4. An immediate, strong, unpleasant taste. If 1 or 2 is experienced, zinc levels are deficient; 3 indicates zinc levels could be further optimised, 4 indicates an adequate zinc level. As a zinc supplement, take 5mls three times a day at least two hours before or after meals. Each 10mls contains 59mg of zinc sulphate. It is recommended zinc tests be taken once a month. 500ml bottle

Price:     $ 38.95
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