5 Simple Steps For Improving Your Quality of Sleep

You might be surprised to know, your quality of sleep is directly related to your cognitive ability. Getting a good quality of sleep wards off cancers, helps with memories, stabilises emotions and regulates appetite. Getting a poor quality of sleep is said to be one of the most common contributors to poor health, yet over two-thirds (yep, two-thirds) of Americans say that they are not getting a good enough quality of sleep to support their lifestyle. In this article we’re going to outline three easy steps you can follow to enhance your quality of sleep. 

quality of sleep

Invest in a High Quality Pillow

Believe it or not, neck posture is one of the key contributors to a higher quality sleep. However, a high quality pillow is one of the most overlooked aspects of a higher quality sleep. Pillows such as the Dunlopillo Latex Pillow (recommended by the Barefoot Investor) are considered to be among the comfiest pillows in the world. Although it’s considered to be very expensive (costing around $110), customers who have invested in the pillow testify that it’s revolutionised their quality of sleep. If you’re struggling with neck posture from sleeping, investing in a higher quality pillow may be a solution for you. 

Install ‘Pillow: Automatic Sleep Tracker’ on Your Smartphone

Data trumps intuition every time. By installing the app ‘Pillow’, available free on the app store, helps you track your quality of sleep. Although science indicates that naturally humans are quite aware of our quality of sleep when we awake in the morning, people with a recurring poor quality of sleep aren’t usually aware that they can be improving on their sleep in the first place. The app works by placing your phone under your pillow, then it automatically tracks your sleep cycles. 

Invest in an Adjustable Bed

Not only does your sleep posture affect your quality of breathing, but a poor sleep posture can also cause a myriad of physical issues, especially lower back problems. Unfortunately, rectifying your sleep posture is very difficult to manage. The good news, however, is that by investing in an adjustable bed you can align your posture optimally while also having a greater quality of sleep.  

Stick to a Strict Sleep Schedule

Consistency is key. Because your body follows a natural daily clock, ensuring that you’re consistently going to bed at the same time is a key variable in ensuring your body is recharging it’s batteries completely. The science behind your body clock is complicated, however the following video with Matthew Walker (a renowned Neuroscientist & Sleep Scientist) has published a fantastic book, ‘Why We Sleep’, that outlines the nature of sleep. In the following video, he outlines a few of the facts of sleep science that are commonly misinterpreted:

Visit Your Local General Practitioner

Although the tips we can administer online work have worked for a lot of people, there’s no guarantee that it will work for you. Everybody is different and no two bodies react in the same way. To properly analyse your quality of sleep for some tips on how you can improve, visiting your local general practitioner is the best thing you could do. There, they’ll be able to refer you to specialists to help you diagnose your individual issues, Whether it’s a deviated septum that’s causing snoring, or excessive screen time, they’ll be able to help you get back in control of your health. …

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